Spectacular! Poster
Spectacular! is a 2009 Nickelodeon original movie starring Hannah Montana Forever star Tammin Sursok, Zoey 101 & Victorious star Victoria Justice & Victrious star Avan Jogia.

It is a musical movie and is about a singing contest which comes to a conclusion at the end of the movie.


Nolan Gerard Funk as Nikko Alexander

Tammin Sursok as Courtney

Victoria Justice as Tammi

Simon Curtis as Royce

Andea Lewis as Robin

Harris Allan as Eric

Joel Ballard as Caspian

Kevin McNulty as Uncle Sam

Shannon Chan-Kent as Janet

Avan Jogia as Tajid

Troy Hatt as Swanee Boy

Venus Terzo as Marion Lane

Christopher Jacot as Stavros

Jesse Moss as Nils

Brittany Irvin as Amy